Hey! Chat

I’ve always been interested in UI and Visual Design of things from websites, product design, apps, etc. Since my site is all about illustration and design I felt it was time I build upon the design part of things as well.

To hone my skills, I took to google to help find some project resources and ideas that I can turn into a few solid pieces to present my process and approach to concept designing.

Without further ado, my first design concept is Hey! Chat via Briefbox. Hey! Chat is based on a startup messaging app company slated to launch Spring 2019. This new up and coming social platform marries the traditional functions of texting with the unique benefits of being able to explore a variety of topics based on the user’s own personal interests.

Being a startup company, the client was looking for a designer to develop a UI design that speaks to their modern aesthetic. At the same time, the company wanted to push the boundaries and have a design that was user-friendly for all ages.

After reading over the creative brief, I started with a few rough wireframes. During my sketch process phase, I looked at the project from the end user’s perspective. Now could that mean I’m diving into UX Design? Well… yes I believe it does come into play just a tiny bit, but certainly by no means the full depths of UX. However, off and on I began to think of a few different functional features that a consumer would enjoy having access to within the app. I jotted down little notes during the wireframe phase of how certain things like swipe functions to delete a chat group and providing feedback icons under each person’s message.

For my presentation to Hey! Chat, my concepts included a landing/sign up page, user dashboard, and a chat view page. The company already had a logo in place, but no style guidelines or rules. So, I was able to use this to my advantage to craft a style guide their branding. Playing off of their logo’s color pastel color palette, I cooperating dark blue hues to really add a nice contrast and modern feel. It was important to keep elements sleek, design a layout that is easy to navigate and make some staple features quickly accessible, like having a home icon next to the chat name so the user can return to their dashboard faster.

Overall, I really enjoyed working on concepts for Hey! Chat and look forward to finding my next project to take on. I may even revisit Hey! Chat and draw up some more collateral pieces to accompany the project.

Hey! Chat Mockups
hey chat wireframes
Hey! Chat UI Style Guide