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I am Gigi Moore a freelance illustrator & designer based in VA. I create for print & the web.

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"I don't like to be boxed in when creating my illustrations..."

Gigi M.
I am an illustrator, web designer and curious blogger based in Virginia. My specialties include Illustration, Graphic Design, Branding and Web UI/UX Design. My work is about engaging clients and audiences into a story that is bold, clean and with a touch of whimsy.

My life's dream was always to just create illustrations all day every day for a living. I love drawing animals, children illustrations, colorful pieces, big bold hair, especially natural! I don't like to be boxed in when it comes to creating my illustrations. So, I try to explore different styles and options that continually hone my own personal style and skills.

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So What Are My Skills?
Graphic Design95
Web Design94