Bright Bird & Mushrooms Collection


If you’ve ever wondered what happens when my love for drawing animals meets my fascination with mushrooms, well, wonder no more! Introducing the ‘Bright Birds & Mushrooms’ collection – a whimsical world of color that’s ready to brighten up your decor, packaging, and beyond.

Bright Birds & Mushroom Collection Fabrics
Bright Bird & Mushroom Collection - Gift Wrap

These patterns are like a burst of sunshine for your space, and they’re here to add that extra pop of magic. From your living room to your packaging, these designs are like a burst of joy.

‘Bright Birds & Mushrooms’ takes the trendy mushroom theme and gives it a MoGigi™ twist. It’s bold, it’s fresh, and it’s still all the rage in today’s market. Get ready to turn some heads and bring the ‘wow’ factor to your world with this collection!

Where Birds and Mushrooms Dance in Colorful Harmony

Bright Bird & Mushroom Collection - Green Leaf - Wallpaper
Bright Bird & Mushroom Collection - Fabrics

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