My Fav Budget Friendly Makeup Products

My 11 Budget Friendly Makeup Products of 2017


f you’re into makeup a lot or even just a little bit. I found so many low-cost options that don’t hurt my pockets. Don’t get me wrong I love Sephora and the high-end side of Ulta. I avoid venturing to the pricey side of Ulta and I haven’t been to Sephora for a few years. All for good reason too, I simply can’t maintain a high-end price on the regular, especially if I happen to like something.

Although, I do splurge once a year on my fave Bare Minerals foundation. As well as, my beloved LipSense. Seeing how I get my monies worth, foundation lasting me a year and the LipSense lasting months/years at a time, I’m including it to my list here.

For all other items, I try to get the same looks for less. Even though my fav foundation by Bare Minerals is the only high-end production in my arsenal. I do have an alternative that I recommend as well.

Prime Time

A few months ago I started using a primer before applying my foundation. I didn’t want to spend too much on this, while on my target run. I picked the Elf Blemish Control face primer $4.99. It has a nice velvety texture and gives a smooth finish to my face. My face can get pretty oily and this primer works really good for me in controlling my oil.


An alternative to my Bare Minerals. I’ve been using Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless liquid foundation $5.99. I won’t quite say it’s my fave, but it’s the one I’ve been using for several months before the summer heat hit. Feels a little too heavy for me in warmer months, but during cooler months it works really good as a cheaper backup. It doesn’t have SPF protection so I would either apply something with SPF before or after application.

My fave, of course, is my Bare Minerals foundation in Dark $29, that’s $2.42 per month. I’ve been using this product for years. Has a lightweight texture gives full coverage, plus has SPF 30.


Nyx Gotcha Covered, $5.99, has some of the best concealers. Comes in many shades too. I usually go a shade lighter than my foundation color.

Single Product Images

My 11 Budget Friendly Makeup Products


I use L’Oreals True Match Super-Blendable Powder, $6.49. This powder melts into my skin and blends beautifully. No cakey face; which is always a plus.


For contouring, I’m a complete novice. So I’m super cheap on this stage when I choose to contour. I buy contour palettes from either Ross or the 5 Below store. I found a Profusion Pro Contour Palette, there at Ross. If I recall, think I got it for $10. If you want, can even try using concealers as a contour. I’ve tried it twice with my Nyx concealer, but with my oily skin, it didn’t hold up so well. Made me extra shiny.

I’ve also sometimes use L.A. Girl Pro HD concealer to contour as well. I get better results with this one and doesn’t create any extra shine. However, I the quickest and easiest way I found to contour is using the powdered contours palettes.


The palette I found at Ross is a bronzer and highlighter palette by Profusion. So, I got a deal for only $8.99 on this kit.

Eyes & Eyebrows

For my eyes, I’ve grown out of using doing a full eye makeup. So I just use mascara. Here are 3 options that I love. Maybelline, CoverGirl, and Wet N Wild. All in the Jet Black color. Price varies, so say under $5.

Since it helps to frame my face, I’ve really focused on trying my best to do good eyebrows. I’ve tried pencils, but they’re either too dark or breaks easily. The 3 Essentials I grab are my Elf Brow Kit $3, Elf Eyebrow Duo Brush $3 and the Femme Coutre Perfect Arch Brow Gel Tinted, $7.49, from Sally’s Beauty.


These days for my lips I’m all about my LipSense. The OG long-lasting lip color. Since I’m a distributor on the side. I get a pretty sweet discount on the side. The key factor of this lip color one tube lasts me 4x longer than any other brand. And, it does not smear or budge! Head on over to my True Tinge by Gigi section to learn more about how I got into LipSense $25; which is about $3.38 per tube.

Last but not least, brushes! You can’t get a good finish without quality brushes. The best budget-friendly drugstore brushes I’ve used is by Ecco Tool, prices vary, you can get a kit for around $15. The best alternative Kabuki Brush for Bare Minerals is the one by E.L.F., $5.99. An incredibly soft, durable, and large sized brush that is at least $20 cheaper than Bare Minerals kabuki brush.

That’s the rundown on the low-cost makeup options I use regularly. What are some of your fave budget-friendly makeup products you like to use? Sound off below, I’m open try giving new items a try.

See ya later!


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